Augmented Reality for Celebrities


Stars and Celebrities

Stars and Celebrities: Apparition was the name of the ability in the Harry Potter world by which witches and wizards left a place and appeared in another in a blink of an eye. Poor Muggles like us will never have this talent in our world or will we?

A Close Encounter

We no longer need to know magic to transport out living image to another place. Imagine you dropped by someone’s house as their favorite artist to perform a live song at their birthday party while wearing the clothes suggested by your sponsor. Augmented reality takes the world of celebrities to another dimension. A dimension where magic really happen. AR is a brand new medium to promote engagement the audience; a close encounter.

This generation’s favorites are not limited to actors and singers. Big or small, influencers run a big wheel in the lives of the new generation. From TikTok and Instagram personalities to YouTubers and even financial market traders, they have built a connection with the young and given them a sense of belonging that cannot be easily broken. As influencer marketing grows into a 16.4 billion dollar industry in 2022, the possibilities of expanding future digital marketing tools seems eminent. Thanks to AR, influencers can hold meet-ups, Q&A sessions, or tours with their followers without being physically present. That’s the magic of AR.

Clone your person of interest

When the developer Cyril Diagne demonstrated how AR copy and paste works there was a little doubt that someday soon there will be a day when people can copy and paste faces and other human beings. As of 2022, it costs about $250 to create a 3D model of someone you love. Augmented reality can preserve a moment to which there is no return. You can always have your loved ones right by your side, repeating their favorite catch-phrase or talk of their old memories. Yesterday 3D printing and 3D models of the loved ones seemed incredible, today the 3D models are paired with AR technology to create a real magic. Augmented reality is a reality that is more magical than the magic of reality. With AR copy and paste, soon cloning someone will be as capturing a video.