Augmented Reality for Personal Branding


Personal Brand

Influencers, as their name implies, may be the greatest influences in the today’s world. Generally speaking, celebrities, models and personal brands are driving the wheels of many markets today. In the world of social network formed on the basis of the third generation of the web, practically, anyone can as much convey a message as they can attract attention. ARindu provides a space for the influencers to access a medium they have not used so far. A medium that now brings them to their audience closer than ever before.

From Business Cards to Videos and Filters

From creating videos to implementing filters, AR has a creative potential when it comes to promotion of personal brands. Even you can create a business card with AR that allows users to scan the code and get accessed to your AR space where all information and social media accounts are presented in a brand new way. Once again for the perfect utilization of augmented reality the most important factor is thinking outside the box. To quote Solomon Thimothy from OneIMS, “We’ve already seen agencies using Snapchat and Instagram in the last few years. Agencies can go even further with AR by implementing it into their current social media strategies. Adding creative filters and animations to everyday objects or products, while correlating to your brand values, can improve brand experiences. AR can be great for taking video and content strategies to the next level.”

Why Personal Branding

Because of the increased attention of how we portray ourselves online, a new term has began to grow stronger, namely – personal branding (Philbrick and Cleveland, 2015). Jensen Schau and Gilly (2003) argue for self-presentation being continuously sales oriented. The way we sell makes a huge difference. Even if you are part of an NGO, you have present an image of what you do to attract more attention to your cause. Above we covered some of the ways personal branding benefits from AR; however, the fact of the matter is that when it comes to branding the sky is the limit. You can always give a visual image of your works to engage more people, use educational 3D content to build trust, provide your followers with a demo of your work and give an augmented presentation of your workplace to create hype around your brand. You can also think of new ways to ensure the growth of your followers via AR and count on ARindu to be by your side.