Augmented Reality in NFT


An Open Door to Wealth, Creativity, and Fun

The news was short and fun, Nifty Gateway, an online marketplace, sold a set of virtual furniture for the price of more than $450,000 in less than 10 minutes. If you are as intrigued, by this news, as us in ARindu, let’s dive in for more

NFT; a tweet for $2 million!

If you haven't lived under a rock for the past couple of years, you might have heard of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and you might also have heard that NFTs and Metaverse are the next big things. Also, if you are up for technologies, you know that it’s an undeniable fact that even now augmented reality plays a big role in our digital life. But first thing first, let’s discus NFTs. To simply put it, NFT is a solution to digital ownership; it’s suffice to say you can buy a digital scarce asset buy taking its NFT! With the surge in cryptocurrency use, NFTs are becoming more popular on daily basis. Anything in the digital world can be an NFT including music, videos, images, and apparently post and tweets! The very first tweet by Jack Dorsey was sold for over $2 million in 2021!

Augmented Reality & Metaverse; Two Peas in a Pod

Now, as you are reading this article in ARindu, you might already be familiar with concept of AR and its fun nature but if you aren’t, we have two words for you that you have probably heard: Pokemon Go. Just like this fun game, everyday many augmented reality project are started to attract people and business and make our life fun. These projects also create a different world; AR realms are making up a wide Metaverse world where people can see differently, experience differently and live differently. It’s should be a no-brainer that thanks to AR and Metaverse, the way we interact with content will change drastically in the coming years. 

Augmented Reality NFT; If Lockdown Doesn’t Kill You, It Makes You More Popular!

Fun fact #1: Although no so much fun, according to a study, Covid-19 lockdown caused about 12.5% of museums to lose over 90 percent of their yearly income in 2020!
Fun fact #2: BTS (a South Korean band) earned approximately $20 million in a single online show in 2020!

What if you could visit all the museum’s fascinating stuff online; better yet, what if you could watch them in your house for hours? Now let’s take our imagination further, what if you had a Digital Mona Lisa on your name and you could watch it in real world and even have it in 3D. That’s the magic that the combination of AR and NFT creates. Nowadays, companies and businesses have embarked on big AR NFT projects that are going to even further the use of AR NFTs; to give an instance, hololoot has started the first AR NFT generator, marketplace & metaverse where users can modify AR assets, mint NFTs and enjoy the marketplace. This shows AR NFT is going a mainstream one in the very near future. 


From AR to NFT, From Fun to Wealth

No doubt that the pace of technology development for many people is hard to keep up with but this is also a fact that we live in a world where these technologies shape our lives. Now with P2E (play to earn) games, users can play for fun and earn wealth! In these mostly AR games you acquire assets that you can bring to real life; you can store your 3D sword into your NFT wallet and sell it to earn cryptocurrency or traded for another NFT! When British-American rapper, MF DOOM passed away in 2020, his AR went crazy; From Jack Nicholson in The Shining to Kim Kardashian were seen with the AR mask; that might be the reason behind one of the MF DOM mask NFT’s to be priced as high as $810000 in an auction. Eevn in fashion you can see AR NFTs going big, crypto brand RTFKT Studios and Atari worked together to creat a line of digital sneakers that you can show them off in many AR games.