Augmented Reality Games, Entertainment and Social Media


Entertainment; Social Media, Games, Sport, TV, You Name it!

Most of our activities on the internet are associated with messenger or social media platforms. AR is a medium that can turn this virtual interaction into a reality. From producing compelling and engaging content to communicating at a new level, augmented reality can shape and transform our digital social lives. But AR based is not restricted to the world of Social Media; have you ever watch the Ring? The most memorable scene of the movie may be when the character comes out of the TV. Now imagine the same thing happening in a fun way. These thoughts are no longer an imagination; thanks to the augmented reality technology, entertainment industry is witnessing a higher level of creativity and engagement.

Games and AR

The success of Pokémon GO caused so many game developers and companies to place a higher investment on augmented reality. Nowadays there are many successful AR games being developed on the daily basis. AR is one of the reasons people believe that today’s games are more life-like and engaging than ever before. In a study conducted by Blair MacIntyre and Brendan Hannigan the use of AR for entertainment was studied; the other used games and created the situation where the player are no longer outsiders to the game but rather get involved in the scene. Also, there’s no longer the health problems resulting from the inactivity of the individuals because the gamers are required to be part of the physical process in the plot. As the result of fun nature of both games and AR technology, the AR games also present a great opportunity for instructional and educational gaming materials. 

Media and AR

As Science-fiction author Vernor Vinge put it in his science-fiction novel Rainbows End (2006), “the year is 2025, and Augmented Reality has become the dominant technology”. As we are getting closer to the year 2025, the prediction seems to be pertinent. The huge investment on AR by Google and Apple is an indication of the role of AR in the recent years. When it comes to media, short-form videos are the current bid thing. As AR is slowly finding this in Hollywood movies and film industry, the bigger employers of AR taking another route; AR made short videos on Instagram and Tiktok are a long way ahead and there will be a time in near future when virtual try-on videos on YouTube as popular as fashion reviews and programs. Still there is long way to for AR but if want to be part of this metamorphic journey, you have to get on board now. 

Sports and AR

training is currently an important benefit of Augmented Reality but using AR, even the way fans enjoy sports at a whole new level. Imagine watching a match at home with an immersive technology and enjoy 3D graphics as well as live feedback and in-depth analysis; some channels are already trying a form of AR for their programs, namely ESPN and Fox Sports. Also, the stadium goers can enjoy visual content, statistics and analysis as they watch the game; to bring this thrilling experience, AT&T Stadium in Dallas has been turned into a huge stage of location-based AR visualization. 

Social Media and AR

As the matter of fact, few of us have ever tried Snapchat filters on our faces because we don’t always take the fun part of technology into our daily life. In fact, platforms like Tiktok are more of an entertaining application than a social network. Add augmented reality to the mix of social network and entertainment industry to find some of the most creative content that won’t easily be forgotten or dismissed. These content create the buzz that everybody is looking for in a social media platform. As an ARindu user, all you need to do to create a social media is in employing 3D models. Dance with the character you like form a movie you like and share the video on social media, get in the car of your dreams and take a photo; try on weird outfits or create your very own funny sticker and send them to your friends. When it comes to AR the only limit is the one you put on the way of imaginations.